TAIZHOU FUTCH SEWING MACHINE CO.,LTD. since its founding in 1998 "FUTCH" brand, focus on all kinds of bags, shoes and clothing difficult technical requirements of industrial sewing machines, owned From product development, manufacturing, testing, quality assurance, marketing, and after-sales service as one of the operating system,the company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality Management system certification. 

FUTCH has always been to focus on quality, create value "Since its inception as a corporate philosophy, adhere to the" innovation, sincere business " The rapid development of the spirit of enterprise, committed to "build thethick material mechatronics leading brands business goals and constantly open up sewing career, talent Company's most valuable asset "; concept of employment, give full play to their maximum potential as we followevery detail of the industry-standard" quality Amount of policy, continue to increase theirefforts on product development and technological innovation. Our core philosophy is to " change willhave innovative pursuit enterprises can The service concept of sustainable development, actively promote the modern enterprise management system, adhere to want before customers do before the clients "sincere feedback Fukusaki Customers, has established a global marketing and service network with international co-mpetitiveness, marketing concept is " continuing to help customers solve problems Customers with quality products and good service, lasting perseverance to win the long-term cooperation partners, the full imple- mentation of international strategy and our vision ofthe world Future!

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